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ROIDTEST on MuscleSport TV

We are pleased to announce that Colorimetrics is now sponsoring Muscle Sport Magazine. Check us out on the latest episode of their MuscleSport TV show, hosted by Gregg Valentino and Joe Pietaro. These guys are no strangers to bodybuilding! In fact they are among the most vocal and outspoken voices for the community. We’re proud to support their efforts, and the information they produce. 

If you haven’t checked out MuscleSport TV, please do so now! These guys are doing a great job producing spot-on hardcore content for the community. And of course, being no strangers to the gritty side of this field, understand just how much of a mess it is out there, and the importance of testing your gear! Check out their spot on ROIDTEST. The guys discuss the product roughly 25 minutes into the show

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